Arima, Trinidad

Ecotourism is being promoted increasingly by many resorts and lodges in the Caribbean. This has been done since the past few years to minimize the impacts of climate change. Eco-tourism can be defined as carrying out tourism-related activities with a sense of responsibility towards the environment. 

This involves traveling to natural areas, where the environment and well-being of locals are taken care of. Here we’ve listed some of the best places in the Caribbean that promote ecotourism:

1. Anguilla

A low-lying, flat island of limestone and coral, Anguilla is located in Eastern Caribbean. It is a British Overseas Territory known for its sandy stretches, such as the Rendezvous Bay. It is also home to a high-concept resort called CuisinArt Resort and Spa. In the late 1990s, this resort built a greenhouse with an area of 18,000 square feet. 

This greenhouse is the first hydroponic farm in the Caribbean. It grows almost everything from cucumbers, eggplant, and tomatoes to herbs, lettuces, and micro-greens. A significant amount of water is saved through the use of drip irrigation and re-circulation systems in the greenhouse. 

The drainage from this hydroponic farm is recycled and utilized for watering the outdoor plants used for landscaping. About 90% of the produce from this farm is served in the resort’s restaurants. Guests can tour this organic garden and get some cooking lessons as well.

2. Trinidad

Trinidad is one of the major islands of the Caribbean island country Trinidad and Tobago. Located on this beautiful island is the Asa Wright Nature Center and Lodge. It was established by a group of bird-watching enthusiasts and naturalists in 1967. 

The mission of this nature center is to maintain the natural state of the Arima Valley. It also aims to create a conservation and study area for protecting the local wildlife. The lodge houses over 170 species of birds. Manikins, toucans, and the rare oilbird are some of them. 

Tourists seeking a memorable volunteer vacation can sign up for a period ranging from two to twelve weeks. During this time, they can help maintain flowers and fruit trees. They can also choose to care for the birds, restore trails, work in gardens or produce coffee.

3. Dominican Republic

An island nation in the Caribbean region, Dominican Republic is located on the island of Hispaniola. Located in this island country is a fabulous eco-spa called ‘Natura Cabanas and the Attabeyra Spa’. The spa was built using Feng Shui principles as a compliment to its abundant natural surroundings. Local materials were used in its construction, such as bamboo, mahogany, and coralline stone. 

A comfortable environment has been created at the spa without air-conditioning. Besides a full-service spa and a yoga temple, several activities are offered at this spa. They include swimming, jeep tours of the back-country, and mountain biking.

4. Saint John

Saint John is one of the four main US Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. The Concordia Eco-Tents resort located on this island runs a ‘Trash to Treasures’ program. As a part of this excellent initiative, trash from the resort is recycled into fine art and craft items. 

Guests of this resort can attend classes at the clay studio, glass studio, gallery, and textile department. The low-impact tents of these resorts are no less than many of the eco-friendly villas. All of them have been provided with kitchens, solar power, baths, and hot water. These tents also offer awe-inspiring views of the forest and the Caribbean Sea.

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